Super 35mm sized sensor
Equivalent to 35mm depth of field
Utilized all existing spherical 35mm lenses,
including PRIMOR Primes and Zooms
Size, weight and ergonomics suitable for hand-held, studio or Stedicam™
Utilizes many of the existing PANAFLEXR accessories
Dockable Sony SRW-1 VTR (no cables)
1 to 50 frames per second
12.4 mega pixel, true RGB sensor (not Bayer pattern)
Greater dynamic range than available digital cameras

Nominal exposure index of 500
10 bt log per color output
Wide color gamut for film intercut applications
Dual viewfinder outputs
Full bandwidth, dual link 4:4:4 HDSDI outputs
Single 4:2:2 HDSDI monitor output
Fiber optic camera adapter for off-camera control and recording
Integrated lens control for focus, zoom and iris
Camera control via Panavision RDC or Sony MSU, RMB series controllers
Digital lateral color aberration compensation for improved visual effects
Integrated display provides user-definable access to camera functions
User-selectable menu terminologies (i.e. shutter angle or shuttle speed)