We at Salon Films Malaysia as a 'One-Stop-Shop' gets all necessity for 'A-Code' shooting in Malaysia. We make sure needed paperwork are done and permits / authority are given by concerned parties. We are also the source of expertise and equipments. Transportation of equipments and personnel are also taken care of.

The most challenging part in this project is shooting the scene in Petronas Twin Tower, KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center). Firstly are the permits from various parties followed by the rules and requirements that we have to adhere. We were not allowed to have a base jump from the tower itself nor to fly a helicopter within 500m radius. Therefore, we flew above 500m and jump from there. 7 cameras were shooting the scene from different angles at the same time. During the entire process, Jalan Ampang, which is the main road accessible to KL town center were closed for 4-5 hours. Traffic police, RELA (Civil Volunteer Corps), PDRM (Royal Police Forces), and ambulances were on standby.

We also managed to get the permit to have a gun shooting scene at the Twin Tower sky bridge.